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Articles - PerfectClean Limited London

6 Practical Spring Cleaning Tips

Posted on Wednesday February 20, 2019

Springtime is one of the best season to start anew as parks and meadows turn into greens you can literally feel that fresh vibe is in the air. And while the weather is at its best homeowners often find this season suited for that one-off rinse of their entire home. And though most of us […]

Perfect Valentine Present

Posted on Wednesday February 13, 2019

It’s February once again and being married for seven years this month becomes a “Couple Challenge Month” for me. Why? Because as we, me and my husband, count years together we’ve gone through different places for dates and vacation and we’ve given each other all sorts of presents as we celebrate birthdays, Christmas, new year, […]

The house was ready to burst….

Posted on Tuesday March 15, 2016

I’ll always follow my father’s lead. He took care of me every single day of my life – even when I was starting my career as a young woman. He would always push me to focus on myself and make sure that I was doing all the work it took to advance my career. As […]

To Hire or NOT to Hire a House Cleaner?

Posted on Wednesday December 30, 2015

      The last article that unleashed three common myths we encounter as we consider hiring a house cleaner have made other concerns about this matter surface. So let’s talk about four more issues we need to address because whether we like it or not at one point of our decision making process we […]

5 Pointers to Make Your Home Impressively Clean, Organised and Christmas Party Ready

Posted on Wednesday December 23, 2015

Holiday stress is on its way and before it gets into your system you should start gearing up. Let’s drop Christmas shopping and your party menus for a while. Instead let’s set your house as our main concern today. This have to call some reality check to make sure that your home is holiday ready […]


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