Mattress Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

Our mattress cleaning services are available in all post codes within M25.

What method of cleaning do you use?

We offer two methods for cleaning mattresses - Dry HygieneTech Cleaning and steam cleaning which is also known as hot water extraction.

What is Dry HygieneTech Clean?

This is a Three step method which is suitable for sanitising of mattresses. This method of cleaning completely removes dust, dust mites and dead skin flakes.

What is Steam cleaning?

This method of cleaning is also known as Hot water extraction. This method concentrates on rinsing the mattress and removing stains.

Can I have both types of mattress cleaning service?

Yes, we also offer combo cleaning service.

How long does the process take?

The duration of the process depends on the mattress size. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to clean each side of the mattress.

How long after the cleaning process I can use my mattress?

The mattress is ready to be used 45 minutes after the cleaning process after Dry HygieneTech Cleaning, and 18 hours after the Steam cleaning service.

How long in advance do I need to call to book a cleaning service?

We usually require 48 hour notice for bookings.

If I suffer from any allergies will this process still be harmless for me?

The process is absolutely harmless. It will even improve your condition. The machine we use is so powerful that it will suck all the dust, dust mites, spores, dead skin flakes out of your mattress.

What will be extracted from my mattress?

The machine we use is so powerful that it will suck all the dust, dust mites, spores, dead skin flakes out of your mattress.

Does the mattress age matter?

Researches have proved that a mattress which is 6 months old can contain as many dust mites and dust as a mattress which is 5 years old.

Is the process noisy?

If you are not bothered by the sound of a working vacuum cleaner, you will also not mind the noise of our equipment.

Do you charge per hour or per job?

Our prices are based on the size of the mattresses booked for cleaning.

Do you have minimum call out charge?

All mattress cleaning orders are subject to a minimum of £70.00 (excl. Vat).

Do you offer this service over the weekend?

This service is available 7 days a week without any extra charges for weekends.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer easy payment options. The payment is expected on the day of the cleaning. Cash, cheque, card payments are accepted. Please note that additional 4% surcharge may apply for credit card payments.

Are your prices subject to Vat?

Our prices are subject to VAT. Final price will be provided before you place an order.